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We make two promises to our clients: getting results and having a great time in the gym - something they may not have experienced with other fitness programs or trainers. Divine Fitness is a completely unique personal training experience. From the moment you walk in our doors we want you to feel comfortable - with us, with beginning a new exercise program and with yourself. Our main concern is your health and helping you achieve your goals, no matter what they are! Whether it is weight loss, building muscle, toning up or even maintaining an already healthy lifestyle, the Divine Fitness trainers are ready to challenge and support you the whole way through. We guarantee the best workouts and the most fun. See for yourself what we're all about - your first session is always on us! Divine Fitness - take it to the next level!

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Damon Divine’s fitness philosophy is simple, “it’s all about how bad you want it.  Building the body that you want to have is not easy but it is completely doable if you just stick with your program.”  A veteran in the exercise industry, Damon has been training for over 20 years and is glad to have found his life’s passion in the form of personal training.  His enthusiasm for fitness is contagious and is truly the basis of his training style.  “When you have a strong desire to reach your goal, dedication and determination are the tools to get you where you want to be.  Divine Fitness is designed to give you the physical and mental support to achieve those goals for good.”

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With a strong background in gym management and over 12 years of experience in personal training, Darren Divine’s approach to training is practical and no-nonsense.  "You’ve got to work hard to play hard,” he says.  “You don’t need to like exercise to know that you need to do it!  Staying fit allows you to do the things you love longer."  With this approach it’s easy to understand Darren’s active lifestyle.  Always soaking up the outdoors, Darren can be found running, enjoying the beach, riding his bike and grilling.  “Working out doesn’t always have to be about looking good, sometimes you just want to improve your quality of life.”

Divine Fitness LLC is registered with the state of Florida as a Health Studio.  Registration No. HS8750.