Divine Fitness has been such an amazing experience for me. I chose them after doing extensive research on three to four different facilities. I had an injured shoulder that I had to focus on rehabilitating while keeping my strength. I realized that Divine Fitness not only had an amazIng personal touch but that their techniques, equipment and strategy were outstanding! Damon was very focused on helping me heal while at the same time, helping me concentrate on training the rest of my body. The atmosphere is a huge help as well due to the quiet, smaller, non-commercial feel that their facility provides. Their studio also offers a very private, intimate setting which really helps with mental decompression and focusing at the end of a hard day. At 35, I'm in the best shape of my life and could not have done it without Damon and the Divine Team!

Chance G.
Client since 2011

Never being the type of person that would stick with a work out plan I could only wonder why I was signing up for work out sessions once again. I have done this many times during my twenty five years living in Palm Beach County and almost four years ago I was doing it again. This time, as I would discover, was different. This time I signed up with Divine Fitness. This time I stuck with it. It is hard to believe that it has been almost four years but because of the enthusiasm, knowledge and personal attention of the trainers it has been a pleasure. Every session is tailored to my needs and goals. The changes to me cannot be measured by inches alone. Not only have I increased my body strength and lost inches but other changes have occurred. I feel great. I have lots of energy, I can concentrate more at work and when others around me are getting sick my increased immune system fights off illness. I have friends tell me that they do not have time to work out or that they do not like going to busy gyms. I always tell them that Divine Fitness is the place to go. It is private: no more than two other clients are working with trainers during your session. Flexible hours: They will work with your schedule. One on one training: your trainer works with you one on one giving you their undivided attention. The facility is in a convenient location with all the necessary equipment to achieve all your goals. However, the most important quality that makes Divine Fitness the workout place of my choice is the staff. Simply, they care. Thank you, Darren and thank you, Divine Fitness, for being there for me.

Mark N.
Client since 2007

The best decision I've ever made was to cancel my membership at the gym and begin training with Darren Divine. Almost two years later, I continue to work out at Divine Fitness. Not only has my body become incredibly toned but I have so much more energy and I actually look forward to my workouts- thank you!!!

Tina M.
Client since 2009

This coming Friday will mark the one year anniversary since I lost 60 lbs and have kept it off thanks to Divine Fitness. It also happens to be my birthday. During this year I have also been able to tone my body and increase my flexibility. I had no idea that flexibility was such an important factor in feeling well and general mobility. It took me 6 months to lose the 60 lbs and I am glad I did. My designer clothes fit better and my confidence is higher. It took years off of my appearance. Working with my trainer, Darren, has been the best gift I could give myself. I had no idea that making my fitness a priority would make everything else sweeter and life more enjoyable. Damon and Alex have also been great cheerleaders for me in the process and always create a supportive environment. I am very grateful to everyone at Divine Fitness.

Neil F
Client since 2007

My training experience with Divine Fitness has been a very positive one. It has been an inspirational as well as physical experience. In a period of four years there have been unbelievable transformations in my body weight and overall musculature. I am now able to wear very short sleeves and tight jeans without feeling self-conscious. At 62, I now look and feel better than I did before I started training. A planned training programs disciplines and motivates. The better I began to look the more I wanted to accomplish. Each time I thought of something that I wanted to improve upon I discussed it with Damon and Alex. Together we worked on additional exercises that would target particular areas of concern. Training is now a permanent part of my life.

Maxine J.
Client since 2007